Wednesday, July 29, 2009


So while in the hospital our computer totally died, and we just got another.

Also, while little James sleeps fantastically during the day, during the night is another story at the moment.

Put both together, and you've got a new mommy who is still writing out the birth story, getting pictures for the grandparents, and is a bit tired between feedings to post yet.

But don't worry, the birth story and more photos are coming very soon!!


Ryan and Michelle said...

... good, i've been waiting ! ;) It was great seeing you guys the other night, can't wait to see you guys again!

Kate Bailey said...

Oh my goodness, if there's ever time for you to make excuses, it's now! We completely understand! You have to sleep when you can, and when you spend hours and hours feeding every day, it makes sense that you're kind of strapped for time. Sorry that your computer died! I hope you didn't lose any pictures or anything! Looking forward to seeing more pictures of your little guy and hearing how things are going! :)