Tuesday, July 14, 2009

July 4th!

Happy 4th of July! We went down to St. George for Robert and Kortney's new baby, Ryan's, blessing. On the way down we stopped in Kolob Canyon, Zion's National Park for some great hiking.

Karissa, Kendra, and Jenn on a neat rock formation in Kolob Canyon

Checking out the scenery, so pretty, and RED!

Kendra, Nathan, Jenn, and Karissa at a lookout at Kolob Canyon, after our hike.

We stayed at a great resort in St. George, I think it is my favorite way now to do family vacations with the Manwaring side. The 3rd was Kortney's birthday, so we celebrated that night with her and her family. There was a really yummy cake and fireworks too! Happy Birthday Kortney, we love you!

Manwaring's wishing Kortney a Happy Birthday!

Robert and Kaylee lighting a sparkler

Karissa, Jenn, and I all took turns with my bike, riding with Nathan up some beautiful canyons the nexy morning, on the 4th. So, so pretty. I'm glad that I went early because man did it get hot, and I am not from AZ :)

Nathan in the aerobar position, look at the beautiful scenery behind

Jenn enjoying the heat, and the hills

Kendra biking at 35weeks, staying active!

Go Karissa! Working the hills despite the bad knees

On Sunday was the baby blessing, and it was beautiful, and so neat that so many of the family could be there. Thank you again to the Warburton's for the BBQ afterwards. It was a great weekend trip, and one that we want to do again!

The family's getting bigger! We were just missing Rich, Rachelle, Elisa, and Lydia.


Kristi said...

You finally look pregnant! But also you look great! I love the big family picture. Ours are like that too though, always missing someone.

The Manwarings said...

Thanks again you guys for coming down!! It was such a blast! WE love and miss you! Keep us posted on the baby!

Angela said...

What a fun trip. I love family get togethers! It looks like you guys have had lots of fun over the past couple weeks. Good luck with everything!