Saturday, June 30, 2012

Zoo Day!

Two weeks ago I had an appointment in Salt Lake, so I called Kirstin to see if she wanted to meet me there and hang out afterwards. The boys love Aunt Kirstin and she is so good with them, too. My appointment was seriously no more than five minutes, and we both wondered, well now what? I got the idea to go to the zoo. We looked it up on the GPS, and the zoo was only 12 minutes away. Why not? It was a Thursday, and it was hot, so we didn't think a lot of people would be there. Well, there were lots even though it was hot, but the animals were all awake and active and the boys (both!) loved seeing animals.

This was probably one of the best random activities that we've done. I think our favorite was the new Rocky Shores area, with 3 Grizzly cubs, a huge sea lion that James loved to watch, and the Polar Bear who would swim up to the glass, then push off to the rocks behind then do it all over again. The sea lion is actually blind, but was rescued and cannot return to the wild. Somehow though he can still swim without hitting the sides of the enclosure. He was HUGE and James watched him swim and swim.

The bird show was also really neat, another favorite. The hawks, falcons, owls, and eagles would fly so close to the audiences head's, James would squeal with delight, and Jack-Jack would clap. At the end, we donated a dollar to the program, and a cockatoo took the dollar from James' hand and put it in the donation box. He talked about that all day.

James through a hole in a log he could play on

Enjoying the bird show

I loved how many of the animals are rescues, and since they can no longer be returned to the wild, they now make their home at the zoo, and some, like the Bald Eagle who was missing part of her wing, are now animal ambassadors to help teach how to better keep our planet green, and be kind to the creatures we share it with.
So let's be nice to them.
Thanks Kirst, let's do it again!