Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Jack's Stats: 9 months

I know this post is late, but here is another installment of Jack's Stats :)
Jackman is growing!
He does look like James, but I think that they look like brothers, though everyone else says they look like twins. We'll just have to see as they get older.
Check out how big he is now:
Doing "So Big!"
When you say "so big" he puts his hands above his head.

Weight: 16.6 lbs (<5th %tile)
Height: 28 in (30th %tile)
Head: 17.4 in (20th %tile)
He's growing, but this time around he got longer and not so chubby.
But I like babies not so chubby, I think they are cuter smaller.
And I know I'm in the minority, but I don't care for the rolls that babies get.
Going into the doc this month we actually had been sick with hand foot mouth, and Jackman had not really eaten a lot like normally for about a week prior to his appointment.
Normally he is a great eater, and we are introducing all sorts of foods so that he likes variety and textures.

Here are some things about Jack-Jack right now:

~He is doing great at picking things up and pinching them with his fingers,
so can get small things into his mouth, food and other things included.

~Bathtime is a favorite

~I call him Jack-Jack most of the time, Nathan has been calling him Jackman.
James will call him Jack-Jack, but if you ask him what his baby brother's name is he proudly says: "His name is Jackman"

~He lifts his arms up if you say "So Big"

~He eats! Almost anything you put in front of him he'll eat.

~Has only two teeth on the bottom

~When we put him down he goes right down, so we put him to bed awake and he's just fine.

~He has been sleeping wonderfully, and he naps great too, taking two 2+ hour naps

~He still smiles easily, and at everyone.

~He loves his blankie. It is very cute, and when he wants to sleep he'll shove his face into it.
James now thinks that he needs a blankie because Jackman has one.

~His hair is coming in blonde, and I love the shape of the back of his head.

~James calls him his best friend, or "best buddies".

Love you little buddy:)