Saturday, June 30, 2012

Cousin Visit

We were so excited to have our family Robert and Kortney, from Gilbert, and our nieces and nephew Kaylee, Ryan, and Emma stay the night with us the Sunday after Ragnar. I was tired, but I love having people stay with us, so I didn't mind. Only I was all off from losing about a day to the race, so I didn't really realize that when we were together it was Monday, not Saturday like I was thinking. They were in town because Kortney's brother got married in Salt Lake on Tuesday. We were so lucky to be able to see them.
Kaylee, Ryan, and James playing in the living room

Monday Kortney and I took the kids to the park to play while Nathan and Robert were mountain biking. The big boys had fun, and our little ones did too.
Jack-Jack is cruising along on furniture, or park benches

Ryan just hanging around :)

I love that everyone gets along in the family. Then we had some yummy lunch before they had to go off to wedding festivities.
Emma munching on a chip

Now our boys have seen all their cousins in months time. Ryan and James are a little under two months apart, and Emma and Jackman are three weeks apart. We love living where we do, but we would love to live closer to lots of family. Maybe someday some will live closer. Until then, we enjoy cousin time :)

All Manwarings
Emma, Ryan, James, Kaylee, Jackman