Sunday, June 10, 2012

Then we went to Colorado...

Middle of May we went to Colorado for a weekend trip. I wanted to go to a retirement party that was being held for my old band teacher Mr. Brickley, and it was a day after my mom's birthday, so being there seemed like fun. Seeing family is always good, especially since we weren't sick anymore like we had been the week before. Nathan and I went to the retirement party on Friday evening, and it was good to see the few people that I recognized. There weren't as many there that I knew as I had hoped to see though, and I didn't get a single picture. Mr. Brickley did teach for 30 years, that is a lot of students, so of course that is a large range of years with students that could come to this. I did miss my best friend Heather the most though. She was planning on it (another reason we were going in the first place), but found out that she wasn't able to come that day, such bad luck. Hopefully we'll see her again next time. Grammies was able to watch the kiddos while we were there, and then Bumpa was able to join them, and I think everyone enjoyed that bonding time. Later that night we went out to the barn to see the horse Cinnamon

Everyone out at the barn.

We stayed with my Grams, and it turned out pretty good. It was a like a big slumber party in her living room, and Jackman got her walk-in closet.
He's usually our best sleeper, but this trip James went down easier, go figure.

James and Jackman with their Great-Grandma Kitty

My mom's birthday was the day before we drove in. James was very excited to get a a cake for her and share it (including sharing blowing out the candles, his favorite!)

Happy Birthday Grammies!!

The Denver Temple at night

The boys with Aunt Carol and Uncle Kyle, and their dog Morgan

Enjoying the outdoors, Grandma Kitty and Jack-Jack

All tuckered out, and asleep before we even got out of Denver.
James asleep with his "baby bobcat" that he picked out at Murdoch's (a farm supply store)