Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Horsey Sled

Grammies and Bompa gave the kids (well, Jackman will enjoy it next year) a "horsey sled".
They described it as a horse on a sled.
Honestly we really could not picture it.
It truly is a horse bolted onto a radio flyer sled.
Then we picked it up and we thought about the physics of this thing,
and thought: This cannot be safe! The kids will fall off for sure!

Then we tried it out...Kristie, Tom, and Lilah came up to see us (which we loved!), and we decided that this would be a good activity to do with the kids.

Pulling it up the hill

Let's see if this works (for safety note: we did send down adults first, and all was a-okay)

James and Daddy going down

They love it!

Lilah and James, they love it!
Okay, so this gift is awesome, way to hit that one out of the park!
There was only once that I worried when James was going down, but we learned that kids should not ride down a hill in front of the horse. No one got hurt, we just were being safety conscious parents.
Thanks Grammies and Bompa!!


Nikki said...

That looks so fun!