Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Brother Buddies

No better buddies than brothers. And when you share the same birthday, of course you'll be buddies :) Best buddies in fact. James just loves Jack-Jack, and many a morning I'll find James in Jack-Jack's crib (though then he'll have woken him up, but we are working on that). In fact this morning he was laying next to him just talking and I could here him say:
"Jack-Jack you are happy? I'm happy, you are happy".
I love how they are so cute together.
And Jackman is quickly learning to be okay with wrestling. James is soft, but will still wrestle with his brother, and Jack likes it too! Jackman will watch James with adoring eyes, and you can just tell that he already looks up to his big brother so much. I love the picture of James feeding Jackman his bottle, while simultaneously feeding himself a bottle and reading them a book. That is multi-tasking!

Bestest buddies James and Jack-Jack


Angela said...

Those pictures are so sweet! :) It reminds me how much I loved having two sweet little boys. Just wait, one day you'll turn around and they'll be 8 & 6. Cute, cute boys!

Lorie S. said...

So sweet!! Makes me even more excited to be having a boy, I hope mine are great buddies as well :)