Friday, February 17, 2012

Awesome Aunts

James and Jack-Jack have awesome aunts, what can I say?
We went and visited Aunt Kirstin in Provo a little bit ago.
The weather was gorgeous, so we got a pizza and went to the park...
yep, pizza and a park in February!!
Kirst and James were having a spitting water contest, then he saw some kids at recess playing with a soccer ball. He loves to kick balls, and when he puts a soccer ball down, he'll say
"Let's play...SOCCER!" (shouting the word soccer and simultaneously putting both arms in the air and pointing his fingers.)

Afterwards we had ice cream at the BYU Creamery on 9th.
James got his own little scoop of vanilla, and Kirstin and I should have shared the sundaes we each got, the girl behind the counter made them huge.
James was so cute, he was talking to the couple who looked like they were on a date in the booth behind us. He told them he got ice cream, then even offered them some.
They thought it was cute, which is good, because hey, he's cute, so don't worry!
Jack-Jack got his first taste of whipped cream.

After that we found some cute puppies for sale in a parking lot (I would later find a different lady selling different kinds of puppies later this trip to Provo), so we gave them all big pets and hugs. The second lady I found I seriously was thinking of getting a puppy.
But impulse buying a puppy...not that good of an idea.

Anyway, thank you awesome Aunt Kirstin for spending the day with us!
James asks for you all the time.
Jack-Jack will get there:)
Now we need to see some more awesome family members!