Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Weber River Flooding

So I guess it is not like the floods back in '83 (that is what everyone is comparing it too), but there has been some flooding going on around here. First, it is the winter that wouldn't end. We even got a little bit of snow today. It also rains more days than not out of the week. This is all good for the drought that Utah was in, but now reservoirs are at capacity, rivers are at 100% flood capacity, the mountains are packed with snow still, and the ground is just soaked through. If it warms up now quickly, though we would like it, the snow pack would melt, and it would create even worse problems. We took a drive with our neighbor for family night to check out the flooding river. Holy cow!

Um, that barn is not supposed to be surrounded by water.

James loved looking at the river and pointing and talking too