Tuesday, April 26, 2011

James' First time on a Horse

Second day in Colorado James got to ride our horse, Cinnamon. This time of year when it is getting warmer (though it doesn't seem to be, really) animals loose their winter coats. Cinnamon has always had a good winter coat, this year seemed to be exceptional. By the time James was done riding her, he was covered, head to toe, in her hair. It was actually a good thing that Nathan wasn't there, he's allergic to horses :(

Helping with the hair, and eating Cinnamon's carrot

James loves horses. He loves all the little horses he has at home, tries to ride them now too. He also knows what a "horsey" says, an adorable little "neigh".

Someday though we'll have a horse of our own, and it will be my responsibility to take care of it. There was also a tractor where my parents board their horse, so we took some cute pictures too.

Gramies and James on the tractor

A very loved little James :)