Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy Birthday my Nathan!

Yesterday was Nathan's 27th birthday! Wow, I remember when he was 21 and we met, then he turned 22 and we were married shortly thereafter. That does mean that our five year anniversary is coming up, but I digress. Back to his day

His morning was filled with a quick ultrasound (amazingly quick, usually our appointments take an hour this was about 15 min) of which he was interested, but mostly I dragged him along to hold James. Ironically, he was doing his time sheet in the car when I went in to check in, they took me directly back to get started, and so he was able to see three minutes of our ten minute "big" ultrasound. Anyway, that's okay.

In the afternoon I took him a veggie sub from subway for lunch at work.

He got to come home a little early from work a little later that afternoon to then subsequently go on a long (40+ mile) bike ride on the warmest day so far this year. That was his choice activity, and I didn't mind so I put together our new grill we just got from our tax return and got steaks, mashed potatoes, peas, and green smoothies ready for dinner. Our neighbors Nicole and Jeremy came over too, which was very helpful as Jeremy helped me with the grill, though I must brag I did most of it myself, and Nicole helped me with James. And they brought the ice cream cake (licking lips sound inserted here).

After dinner Nathan's brother Jason and our sister-in-law Nicole came from Twin Falls since Jason is having surgery today in Salt Lake to stay here. We stayed up late reading this hilarious new blog, I seriously almost peed my pants and was rolling on the ground I was laughing so hard. And I think it was even funnier because of everyone else laughing hysterically. We had to stop because it was hurting Jason's gall bladder (what he is having removed as I type this) to laugh that hard.

So here's to my honey bun. My very hot, smarty-pants, spiritual leader, incredible provider, kind and caring daddy, generous, husband, lover, and best friend. Happy birthday!