Friday, April 15, 2011

Colorado Day 1

This last weekend James and I, along with my kid sister, Kirstin (who was an angel and so much help with James), went to Colorado. The purpose was to deliver some items to an aunt, and we ended up having so much fun that I didn't even care we had to drive out to Colorado! Saturday Kirstin, Mom, James and I went to the Littleton Historical Museum. It is a living and working farm, that still does most things like they did in the 1860's. We used to go there a lot as little kids, but I think now they have additional funding or something, because there were lots of animals now, the blacksmith was working, and there were period people working on the farm.

James in the old barn

Seeing the cow Millie

They were moving sheep and lambs to a paddock while we were there. Most of the lambs were no more than two weeks old! James absolutely loved it.

Petting a sheep

Kirstin with a two week old lamb

Moving stubborn sheep 1860's style

It was so windy that day. There was a field that was open and had old farm equipment in it. It was just a picturesque place, so out came the camera and we tried to get some fun shots.


Love this one

James checking out this old plow

My mom, so pretty, and see the wind!

Kirstin striking a pose

Gramies, Mommy, and a not-so-happy James
We had ducked into the old schoolhouse when the wind was really getting bad. James obviously didn't want to stay inside, but the wind was so bad outside, dust was blowing everywhere, we had to stay for a little bit. He was not happy about that, he wanted to be in the wind!