Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Blessed Life

In this blogging world there is a legend.
Her name is Stephanie Nielson, or "NieNie" for short. Her blog is beautiful, she takes the most down-to-life pictures, and it was because of her pictures that I wanted a new camera to capture my own life in the same light that she has captured hers. She is crafty isn't the word for it, but maybe put together would be right. And I love her take on motherhood. Wow.
But it's not those things that make her a legend, although they help. See, Stephanie was in a private plane crash two years ago with her husband, both survived, but not without changing their lives forever. I was just introduced to her story before Christmas through our cousin Michelle's blog. I started reading, and it wasn't a few days later that I MET her at Costco! I looked across the long isle of books and there she was with her Mr. Nielson. Now I had no idea who she was or her story until a few days before. I wanted to meet her, so I just went up and told her how inspiring her story was. She told me I had a beautiful baby (James was in his carrier in the cart). And that was it. Just a quick hello, and I am sure she won't remember me, but how her story has touched me. Her story is one of resilience, strength, survival, courage, but mostly about LoVe and how she is recovering and going back to what she loves most:
Being a mommy.

I think that moms everywhere can take a lesson from her. I have.
And I see how blessed I am.

Now there is a Mormon Messages video about her story. Take a second to watch it.


Kate Bailey said...

Her story has inspired me, too! She helps me remember how blessed I am and to not take the little things for granted. I've got that video loading in another page, and I'll watch it once it's done! Thanks for sharing!

Nicole Manwaring said...

Stephanie was my Young Woman's leader growing up. She is really amazing!