Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Going to Colorado

Over my mama's birthday we went to Colorado to visit. No matter how long I've been away, it still feels like home. We went on great walks, saw our horse Cinnamon, watched movies, visited old friends the Colman's, and had a good birthday with my Mom.

Grams and James with his new puppy

James looking happy

We also saw the space station and the space shuttle pass by each night thanks to Dad who loves looking up when those sort of things will pass by and we'll be able to see them. The light line in the sky is the space shuttle on a long exposure setting

Nathan, Kendra, Grams, Mom, James and Dad out by at the barn where Cinnamon is boarded

Dad and James seeing Cinnamon

Taking a walk

James likes playing outside

Getting ready for the bath

Old friends and "grandparents" Russell and Mina Colman

Happy Birthday Mom!!

Sunday before church James threw up all of his food, but we didn't think much of it and though he was sick. By Sunday night Grams, Nathan, and Mom were all throwing up, and Dad and I were very nauseous. It seems anyone who touched James got it (sorry guys!) and so as we left that day we stopped in Grand Junction for the night.

The boys not feeling good :(

Stopping though did allow us to stop that next day in Rabbit Valley, a little place right near the border where there are dinosaur bones that you can hike to. We took a small hike as we were all feeling much better to see these neat things!

Daddy and James at the beginning of the trail

Mommy and James looking at a bone in Rabbit Valley


Kate Bailey said...

Ugh, I'm sorry you all came down with the flu! How miserable! Looks like you had a nice trip up to that point, though. :)