Thursday, July 20, 2017

Jonathan turns 3, yippee!

Jonathan is 3!  He is so funny, full of energy, frustrating, our little imp and mischievous, loves his family, loves his daddy puppy, accident prone, and my little buddy.  Jonathan will ask for something with the sweetest eyes, and I'll melt about 90% of the time, and he'll get what he wants.  I just can't say no:)  And he has the cutest little voice.  He talks very well also!  Jonathan is in the 15th %tile for height, and under the 5th %tile for height.  

We went with Aunt Kirstin and Grammies to the Natural History Museum up by the University of Utah on Jonathan's birthday.

Very patient Aunt holding up Jonathan.  

All of my big boys fitting into a T-Rex footprint.  
T-Rex was either really big, or my boys are really small, ha!  

Very appropriate picture with mommy on his birthday :)

We wore him out!  The little birthday boy taking a nap before the next birthday activity.

 After the museum we met up with Nicole and her kiddos.  
Eating with cousins Emily and Michael.  And Grammies too!

Jonathan wanted to have birthday donuts instead of a cake :)

Opening presents, and putting together Jonathan's (with James' help) "night vision goggles" that he got from Grammies

Tay-Tay and Kirst 

Cute back on my babes head.  Holding him tight

Train track from his brothers!  

Let me help here...

Opening the mailbox on Jonathan's birthday made my heart just break even more,  because it was the day after Grandpa and Grandma's accident.  Grandma Haworth was so good at getting cards out to the family for their birthday.  This came in the mail the day after the accident, right on Jonathan's birthday. I was hoping against hope that it would, that maybe Grandma had mailed it before everything had happened, and it turns out she had.  Getting this in the mail made it still felt like they were here.  I saved this to open at a later time, and it was a tender mercy to receive it at all.

Cousins Kaylee, Ryan, Emma, and Issac that made it special.

Grandpa came too to see him!  These two have had a special bond always.

Grammies holding a sleeping Jordan, stretching so big!