Monday, July 3, 2017

January 2017

This is our January in a nutshell: 

...getting ready to lose another tooth...

...done!! James lost another tooth via crossbow :)

Daddy and Jonathan enjoying a doughnut together

Jordan loves to suck on these two fingers to go to sleep

Thinking Jordan...hmmm

Hi!  He is also losing all of his cute dark baby hair :(

Chex and Kendra on a very cold day

James started ski lessons, and loves it!!

Cute binky from our favorite babysitters

We had cake and cupcakes...and Jonathan only really wanted the frosting off of both of them.

We made a snow cave out of the growing pile of snow next to the driveway

This monkey backpack has been a hit with all of the kids so far.  I remember when we got it for James back in the day.  Also, I love how Jonathan calls it his "pack-pack".

This is me taken by one of the kids through the back window as I'm getting ready to take them to school.  See that pile on the side of the driveway!

I know he won't fall asleep in my arms forever every night, so I'm getting in all the time that I can. I love each stage, and as they get bigger and bigger, it just gets more and more fun.

My matching boys!  Pulled out these outfits, and they are a hit!

The snow is so pretty!  I do love it a lot actually. 

Neighborhood day at Sea-Quest Aquarium in Layton 

This interactive aquarium is great! They have all sorts of neat things to see, and it's pretty close to us. 
I'm really excited that we bought a season pass.
Nathan and I had a weekend in Salt Lake.  The first night we went out to eat at Cheesecake Factory.
That night it snowed, and snowed, and snowed!  We didn't mind being snowed into our hotel:)

See the hair transformation this month?  He's 5 months old and getting to be a bigger baby now!