Tuesday, July 18, 2017


February brought snow, and family time...
James and Jack cut out and built this tiny puppy all by themselves.

Story time with daddy

We brought down the fuzzy sheepskin rug to sit on in the kitchen.  Jordan can't go far yet, so this is helpful when we are all in the kitchen and he is on the ground too.

Making dough with my little buddy

We went to Nicole's birthday party

This is a Great Grey Owl.  He made quite a stir up in our neck of the woods because he isn't from our neck of the woods!  There has been so much snow up farther north that he came and decided the Cottonwoods were a great place to hang out for a few months. I actually saw this guy on Silverleaf and knew he wasn't from around here (from remembering things I learned at the Vail Nature Center years ago!!)  I called Nathan's Uncle Karl who is a huge birder, and he came up and was able to get some great pictures.  He also said to keep it on the down low or lots of people would be traveling to see this bird.  It did get out, and yes there were lots of people who came up here, one even as far away as Louisiana!  
Typical Great Grey Owl day

We also went and visited Matt and Aubreigh, and the boys went ice fishing with the dads. 

So these are the pics, and on their way home they called me.  I asked how it went, and my littles said "Horrible mom!  It was SO cold, our feet are freezing, and we didn't catch anything!"  Unfortunately, it was another not-so-great fishing experience for Nathan, who already doesn't love to go.  He told me there were six inches of icy slush to walk through to set up camp, it was really

The Momma's and babes stayed home...nice and cozy :)

I love snuggles with my littles.  I just wish they'd stay longer to snuggle.
This is Nathan's dream coming true.  Biking with his sons.  He has a program called zwift that you can set up your bikes on the screen, and bike in real time against other people all around the world on courses.  It was so cute that James couldn't wait to ride with his Dad.  It warms my heart!  
Daddy was traveling for work for Valentine's Day, so this sufficed in his absence. 

Going to cousin Kylee's wedding, and these little's were dancing up a storm!

I love going to Haworth functions, because I love seeing all of the family that is there!
I love this beautiful girl
Beautiful Kristie and I at Kylee's wedding.  I love cousin's who are friends :)

I surprised Nathan with tickets to the symphony for Valentine's Day.  We saw the Utah Symphony preform Mozart's Requiem, and that was beautiful!  The second piece preformed was Ives' Symphony No. 4.  It sounded like a bunch of noise.  Nathan clapped and said, "yes, I can see the emperor's new clothes".  Honestly, it was wasted on us because we did not appreciate that one.  

Jack is a stud

This little one is getting too big for baths in the sink, time to move to the tub.

Jordan Hugh with Annie Hugh
Jordan is sporting overalls that were his dad's when he was young as well

Wrestling on Aunt Kirstin! 

Half a year with this little dude!  No teeth yet, but rolling all over, and the happiest little guy you'll ever meet.  Also the best eater we've ever had!