Sunday, December 27, 2015

October...Part 2

The second half of October.  At least we took pictures so that I could remember and blog later. 

Pack's pumpkin patch for MGKC preschool

Best picture of all the preschool buddies

Bailey taking care of Jonathan at one of the running races.
She is one of his favorite.

A before church picture of three cute brothers, and a photo bomber Jett

We got tickets and took the kids to the BYU vs Wagner game.  Kristie and Tom were so kind to let us stay the night before with them, and it was while with them that my shower showed them there was a leak in their guest shower (water started coming out of the ceiling).  After helping them cut a hole in their ceiling we left for the game.  The boys loved it, and we got tickets with some Mountain Green BYU alumni, and one of Jack's best buddies Ty. BYU just dominated Wagner 71 to 14, lots of opportunities to sing the fight song! 

Cougar Tails, warm weather, best buddies, and a BYU win, what more can you ask for?

Have you ever seen a huge construction vehicle toppled over?  And the subsequent crane to lift it up?
That was a new experience

MGKC preschool Halloween party
Jack and Eve heading in the monster door

The whole class singing Halloween songs

Ms Kera and Jack

Ms Shawna with my ninja

This big buck surprised me one night on the way home as he was eating leaves(?) on the trees by the front of the neighborhood.  All the small bucks from a few years ago have grown into pretty impressive specimens. 

This years theme for Halloween was ninjas. It all started with Jack's costume, and then grew from there, and even now we are still loving the ninja thing. 


My little ones were black ninjas for Halloween, and they have played ninjas ever since

The Ogden Nature Center had a creepy creatures night for Halloween, costumes were encouraged.
What a great night out as the family.
Intently learning about hissing cockroaches and black widows

I love this kid loving to learn about nature

It was so hard to get this picture.  There was a nature walk, crafts, hands on learning, a black light spider web maze, and make your own cider.

The last Healthy Kids Running Race
Jack is an intense competitor
...running fast...

...he looks over and sees a kid by him...

...and takes off even faster...

Jack giving hi five to his buddy Mossimo, who took first in the series of five races, and Jack took second overall. 

Jack's group with their coach

The start of James' group

Jumping over the hurdle of the hay bale

Finish line!

James' group of runners

James got most improved boy in his catagory.  He took third in his age group, and learned how to pace himself, work hard, and gained the "itch" to run.  A healthy habit to have ;)

And of course what is October without pumpkin carving? 
Carving pumpkins (yes, Jack wore this costume for most of the month)

Jack loved his pumpkin...


The three pumpkins like my three ninja boys.  
This was at the ward trunk or treat.

Pile of ninjas on Halloween
Now where we went for Halloween is in the next post :)