Thursday, December 24, 2015

October Part 1

 Let's start out October with Conference Weekend and Richard and Rachelle and the kids coming to visit!  In between sessions I took them horseback riding on Chex.

On Sunday we went to Grandma and Papa's house, where everyone read to Jonathan
(that little boys loves books!)
 Grandma did...

 ...James did...

...and Kayla and Lydia did too.

This is also the best shot we got of all the cousins when we went out to McD's.
I would love to see a photographer get all the cousins looking at the camera one day, that person would deserve a huge tip!

 Our funny faces after bath time:



 Reading before bedtime

 A silly family photo

October was also very busy as every Thursday there was soccer practice and
games on Saturdays
 James' soccer team on their last day

 Jack really liked playing soccer this year, and did great.
His last game he made four goals!
 Jack and almost their whole team

 Chex on a beautiful October day

 Finding grasshoppers by Chex's barn was a fun activity too.
This year was definitely an Indian summer around here.

On a no school day in October I planned for some mommy's and kids to meet up at 
Pack's Pumpkin Patch in Farmington.
This is one of the best I've found for little ones with a hay bale maze that is big, but not too big that they will get lost, and not to tall that they will get scared.
And who doesn't like to pick out their own pumpkin from the patch?
In the wagon with all the pumpkins

 Getting to sit up on a tractor

 Brotherly love

Sittin' with some scarecrow's 

Jack and his buddy Krew

There's my happy Jack.
He is very much like me in the way that he feels things deeply, so sometimes he's sad, and sometimes he's very happy.

 After the pumpkin patch I took them to Jonathan's first movie,
Hotel Transylvania 2, and everyone sat through pretty well.
Jonathan did end up on my lap for about half of it, but that's not to bad for a kid who doesn't watch a whole movie yet. 

 And to pack even more into this fall/Halloween themed day, James and Jack decorated the front bushes with spider webbing complete with bugs stuck in it.

For fall break we were invited by our friend's Dave and Rachel to go to St. George for a few days.
It was fun, and without time restraints to drive down we enjoyed it by stopping along the way.

A stop was at Scipio.  This tiny town has quite a large petting zoo across from the gas station.
A little random but why not right?

 There are even exotic animals like zebra's and a camel

Then in St. George we went on a neat hike, and ended at some sand dunes we could all play in... we dug a huge hole and buried James...
 ...and then Jack.

As you can see they loved the sand, and it did get everywhere

 On the hike

 All the kids in a rock formation

 My family, and Jack didn't want anymore pictures

Climbing up rocks behind Rachel's parent's house where we stayed

Nathan went up to Franklin and helped his mom make carrot pudding.
For the record, I didn't even know what carrot pudding was, literally thought about shredded carrots in pudding instead of jello.  It's a bread pudding, now I know.
And turns out it is not my favorite, but Nathan likes which is good, because we have more than I will ever, ever eat. 
 That's a mixer!

 Rinsing out the pots

 Grandma Haworth was also in the hospital at this time, and Nathan visited of course.
She is looking better here, and is home now of course.

 That's a lot of the finished product!

 One of Jack's many crafts from his Toddler Time preschool

 James is a masterbuilder with legos, seriously he can just create anything

A day in October we stopped on Silverleaf Dr and had a leaf fight.  
It was nice weather,and the leaves were all crunchy.  Which turned out perfectly when the next day it rained hard all the leaves all got soggy :(
 Run!  They're gonna get me!

 They got me!

 Can you find Jack?  

 Daddy pulled over on the way home from work, and we all enjoyed the leaf fight!

 Whole family in a shot

 He's coming at me with those leaves

 Cute brothers

These are only two of the many I took to get them all to look at me :)>

Enjoying one of the last perfect fall days

One last one of Jonathan enjoying reading with mommy before bedtime.