Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Hanging Lake Hike

On October 30th we headed to Glenwood Springs, CO, where Jenn and Bryan just moved to, and they were blessing their first precious baby, little Sadie, on Nov 1st.  After arriving on Friday night and we checked into the hotel (which they didn't give us the room we had reserved, but instead the conference room suite?  That turned out to be okay, it was their old conference room with three queen beds and a bathroom with the worst shower.  But it was big and the boys liked to run around). On Saturday morning, also Halloween, Jenn and Bryan planned for the families to hike up to Hanging Lake.  It is a beautiful hike, I had done it a long time ago, and it was so much more fun to take my little family.  Papa ended up taking Jonathan the whole way up on his shoulders!  Then after eating a little lunch at the top, taking pictures, and checking out a waterfall, we all headed back down.  This time I carried Jonathan on my shoulders, and he ended up falling asleep, for most of the time!  What a great time we all had!  Later after the hike, the boys and I took a dip in the hotel pool with Grandma coming too.  Nathan got to go on a beautiful bike ride. Also with it being Halloween we took our "ninjas" trick-or-treating around their neighborhood.  It wasn't too cold, and even Jonathan walked the whole way.  When we returned, James and Jack helped give out the rest of the candy to trick-or-treaters. A great way to end a great day.
Starting out the hike with lots of layers because it was cold

Sadie hiking in style :)

Starting out 

Nathan has been playing with the camera, and took these neat pictures

My hiking buddy James.  He liked looking at all the different things in nature

James liked hiking

Jonathan and Papa on the way


We made it!  The hanging lake!

Whole group shot

This cute family

Checking out the fish at the lake

Grandma with Jack and James

Nathan's new favorite picture of us

Jonathan getting excited, but we had to hold his hand so he wouldn't fall in

Really Jonathan hung out on lots of shoulders

The hike up to the waterfall

Sweet Jack climbing up some rocks

James, he's getting to be so big

Starting out to go down

Getting sleepy

Checking out the fish even closer now

Look at how green that water is!

Heading down the steepest parts

These two best friends on the bridge on the way down

Sleeping Jonathan

Yeah for visiting Jenn, Bryan, and Sadie!!