Thursday, February 21, 2013

James in Febuary

I guess we've been busy enough that I haven't blogged in awhile. 
 Here are some cute one's of James from this past month.

Observing the footprints he's making in the snow

James and Mommy
I love how he wants me to play with him, and he'll find the specific thing to play, and it usually has me making something, ie: train track, marble tower, etc.

 Playing trains, and the trains were going through the "Wild Animal Park" in San Diego.
No, we've never been there, but he really wants to go.  Hopefully soon!

James loves the "How to Train Your Dragon" movie and shot films.
One short film is about the "boneknapper" dragon, and this bone is the one that the boneknapper is looking for.  One of the characters uses the bone as a belt buckle, and it is kept in a small treasure chest, before he gives it back to the dragon. I got the idea to make the bone for James out of an air light clay. I also had found this small treasure chest that looked so similar.
What a hit!  James wanted to wear his bone on his pants too :)

A new favorite game: paper airplanes

Another new favorite game: throwing kites inside like paper airplanes
I think he likes the idea of flying a lot right now.

Yep, as I'm going through pictures with James, most have something to do with flying.
James got to go flying again with our neighbor Steve in the Cessna plane again.