Wednesday, August 22, 2012

James' Is Three!!

Oh wow, my baby is now 3! I cannot believe that. He is starting pre-school this year, but luckily he'll have that for two years, so I'm not too sad. He is my awesome little helper, player, sleeper, really anything but an eater. That he doesn't do so much. We joked that we have to sometimes bribe him with chocolate milk to get him to eat pizza.
Height: 37in (25th %tile)
Weight: 27.1lbs (5-10th %tile)
Head Circ: 19.2in (25th %tile)

He wanted the big pieces of bread, aka, the rest of the loaf

~He loves all things tractor, ie John Deer tractors, combines, bailers, etc. and can tell you all about them (like do you know what the weight on the front of tractors is called? He does)

~He also loves construction vehicles, ie bobcats, diggers, front-end loaders, etc, and he can tell you about those as well, and can seriously spot them from ten miles away

~He loves to bike.
We got him a Strider balance bike for his birthday, and he LOVES it.
He is going to ride a two wheeler before he is potty trained, guarantee it.

~He does not want to potty train.
I've tried all sorts of things, but the doc says don't push, and all of a sudden, he'll be ready when he wants to.

~He also does not like me to spike up his hair, he wants it "all clean".

~He does like science things.
As a science project this summer we raised polyphemus moths from tiny eggs.
When they hatched, James liked to hold them, and he knew they were moths, not butterfly's.

~He loves his family.
He adores Jack-Jack, his baby brother, and likes to snuggle still with any of us.

~He told Grandpa Haworth, with no coaxing from us, that he wants to be a farmer when he grows up.
He also loves the Haworth farm (it has tractors there of course! and cows!)

~He knows who his extended family is.
He loves his grandpa's and grandma's and always asks when we'll see them again.
And he also loves the Haworth farm (it has tractors there of course! and cows!)

~He asks now "what's that" or "what's that noises", then proceed to tell me what it is.

~He likes to spot different animals, and we still go "looking for deer". Now it has included watching hawks, eagles, and osprey (who dive into our lake)

~He is a great little independent player.
He loves to play outside in the dirt, and the sand box under our porch.
He's got his stash of construction vehicles, and will play for hours out there digging.

~He knows tons of words, and most anyone can understand him.

~When he cries he says "I'm really sad", melts my heart

~Loves to play outside

~He can say back to me "I'm smart, I'm kind, I'm important".

~He knows so many things, this kid is a smarty pants!

Mommy loves James, and James loves mommy.
Love you little bug!!!