Monday, August 27, 2012

Boompa comes to visit

Last year my dad(aka Boompa) came out to visit us during the Morgan County Rodeo. It was so much fun, we decided to have him come again for the rodeo and fair. On the first day that he was here we went to the Hill Air Force Museum. Dad has a thing for planes, and James and Jackman love them too.

The next day was the fair and the rodeo. We went back and forth to there three times! In the morning we entered Jack-Jack in the cutest baby contest.
Jackman, Future Farmer
(he had his overalls and hat)

Well the interviews were in the morning, then the awards were in the afternoon, so we went home, but not before James and Boompa made a wooden tool box at the Lowes tent and we saw some animals.

So we went back to the fair in the afternoon for the results of the cutest baby contest and the "diaper derby" (where babies have to crawl across the stage fastest).

Well, Jackman WON the diaper derby! There were even heats, and it was close the first heat, but he kept on because he wanted to be held by his mommy (that was our secret, I went across and he came fast to me:) ) Then in the "finals" he beat out everyone easy cheesy. He won a neat Melissa & Doug wooden toy, and the title and respect for the next year :)

Getting ready to be fierce competitors

Happy kid being held by mommy :)

Well, right after the baby events there was a reptile show, and James was picked to go on stage and ride the giant tortoise!

The Tortoise and James, ride em'!

Then a little later James got to hold a python too.

Check out that snake, James liked him and called him his friend
"Animals are our friends, so let's be nice to them"
(that's from a cute song he knows)

Then we walked around some more and looked at the animals with Kirstin who came up for the afternoon to be with all of us.
We stayed at the fair and then got tickets to go to the rodeo that night.
After getting the tickets, went home to make and eat dinner, and pick up Nathan from his bike ride and work, and then we went BACK, again, for the rodeo.

Boompa had Jack-Jack in the carrier most of the night, he liked being held by his Boompa.
James liked the bull riding again the best, and only one kid rode the 8 seconds.
Bull riding is tough stuff.
I liked getting the Indian Fried Bread with honey butter.
The boys were troopers going back and forth to the fair three times that day, but they sure enjoyed their time with their Boompa, we made the most of every minute.
Until next year Morgan County Fair!
(Where we will enter the baby contest again, and we'll keep our track record and win some sort of event!)
Thanks for coming Boompa and Kirstin :)