Sunday, August 19, 2012

Jack's Stats: 1 year!

Welcome to another installment of Jack's Stats!
We have made it to one year, and this little boy is just the cutest bug.
Length: 28.5 inches (10th %tile)
Weight: 18.9lbs (<5th %tile)
Head Circ: 18inches (25th %tile)

~He can sign please, more, all done, and thank you

~He sleeps twelve hours at night and goes down like cake, and one-two naps a day

~He is more of a snuggler, and loves to be held

~He still loves his blankie to go to sleep with, and his favorite part is the tag

~He had four teeth on his birthday, the two bottom and the two top had just cut through

~He has a bit of brown in his right eye in his blue iris

~He watches James, and wants to try to do what he does, and over all loves his brother

~James calls him "his best friend"

~He can drink fine from a sippy cup

~He walks along furniture

~He has a turbo crawl, and will initiate it if wanting to escape outside
or to a parental figure to be picked up.

~He won the Diaper Derby for fastest boy crawler at the Morgan County Fair!

~He loves swings and could do that for hours

~He loves to eat, and will sign more please to get you to get him some food

Happy Birthday little one!
Your family loves you bunches and bunches!!


Hillary said...

How cute! Amazing he's 1 already. Your boys look like they sure are best buds... that's adorable.