Friday, January 13, 2012

Christmas in AZ Part 2: Family and Cousins come!

After Christmas day, we anticipated the fun James and Jackman would have with their little cousins when they came in on the 28th and 29th.
Not to forget their aunts and uncles too:)Yeah!!
Check out some of the activities we did together:

After being a little tentative at first, James ended up LoViNg going swimming. He really liked to jump off the side onto a noodle floatie. Well, we had to have him ask us before he could jump, because he liked to sink! AAAHHH! He walked off the stairs once, was sinking, I picked him up, and he said, "No, no, I'm swimming Mommy!" Um, nope, that is called sputtering and sinking buddy. I think swimming lessons are in order for this summer, and we are very thankful that Mom Manwaring thought about these things a few years ago, and had installed a net to go over the pool when you aren't in it so that no one will accidentally fall in.
We also played water volleyball that night. It was warm, like a hot-tub, so after a game, mandatory everyone up on the sides to cool off.
It is so fun, but also a little weird for this Denverite to swim at Christmastime!

Nathan, Cory, and Bryan
We played some pretty fun games while in AZ. This one is Buzzword...boys vs girls. It was pretty evenly matched with each team winning a game.
I would love to get that game someday!
Cory and Nathan kept doing funny things all week like muppets.

Playing croquet in the backyard

Nicole read Jackman a story

Some cuddle time with Aunt Nicole. After playing and being held, he fell asleep!
That is pretty rare for him to sleep like that, Nicole has the magic touch :)

We went outside to see all the lights on at nighttime.
Everyone had a kid to carry!

These two were hilarious, and it is just going to get better as they get older.
James and Ryan were eating,
then showing each other the food they had chewed in their mouths,
then yelling back and forth.
Gross? Yes. Funny? Definitely.

Playing with animals, and Grandma has lots of them! I love this.
James with Elisa, Grandma, and Lydia

Lydia in her princess dress holding Jack-Jack
A) she loved her dress she got for Christmas and B) she loved Jack-Jack
She really took a liking to him, I think she wants a little brother.
Jack-Jack liked her too, and would smile and giggle at her. Cute cousins.
When they are older then can talk about being second-born in their families.

Grandma and Lydia making cookies for everyone.
Those were so good! Good Job girls!

Kendra holding two cute cousins, Ryan and James

I loved watching these two play together.
James and Ryan sending cars down the ramp, just to do it over, and over, and over again.

Check back again for Christmas in AZ Part 3: The Polar Express!


Joey and Michelle Chandler Family said...

Looks like you guys had a fun Christmas! That would be kind of crazy to be swimming outside at Christmas time. I bet Alan and Kathy are super fun grandparents to all those cute Manwaring kids! It was fun to see you guys at the wedding. Your boys are adorable.