Thursday, January 12, 2012

Christmas in AZ Part 1

We were able to drive down to AZ to be with the Manwaring's this year for Christmas. Karissa and Cory let us stay with them on the 22nd so that we could break up the trip into two drives. They are always so accommodating and we really appreciate it. We got there the 23rd, and enjoyed being with everyone. Christmas Eve morning we had a wonderful breakfast at this place that Mom and Dad Manwaring had heard about, country style food, and it was umm-umm good.

Jackman and Emma meeting, these two are only three weeks apart!

James and Jack-Jack got to wear some *sweet* matching Christmas sweatshirts that Mom had from when the boys were little.
Then they decided to jump on Cory:)

That night we dressed up and acted out the Nativity story.
James was a shepherd, Kendra was Mary, Nathan was Joseph,
and Jackman got to play the baby Jesus.
Then James decided to sing some songs like Do As I'm Doing and Once There Was a Snowman for everyone which was very cute.
(pictures courtesy of Jenn)

Also, we really tried teaching the Nativity, and James can point out everyone in it, and if asked where baby Jesus sleeps, in his cute little voice he says
"Jesus sleeps on the hay".

Karissa and Jack
He tried rice cereal again, and liked it this time!
He also liked his aunt holding him :)

Christmas morning we quickly got ready and went to church which started at 8am!
A huge difference from our start time of 1pm.
The choir was wonderful of course.
We then went home, and enjoyed seeing Christmas through a child's eyes.

James was literally jumping up and down as he was opening up his two foot tall car ramp from Santa. Then we took a break (after one present!) to put the ramp together, and ate a really yummy breakfast, and then went back to opening presents.
It was fun, though we missed the other younger cousins. It was just James and Jackman as the others wouldn't get there for a few more days.

Christmas evening we went to the Mesa Temple and looked at all the lights that they have there.
I cannot believe that Mom and Dad Manwaring used to be in charge of all of that a few years ago. James liked all the lights, and the huge life size camels and wisemen made out of lights were a favorite.

The next day we went on a walk at a nature preserve not too far from the Manwaring's home in search of a spot to take family pictures.
We were successful in finding a spot, and we enjoyed soaking up some vitamin D in the process.

Walking along enjoying sunshine
Yes, we are in short sleeves, and the kids do not have coats. It was that warm out.
Or maybe we are just used to cold being really cold, and sixties being short sleeve weather.

Bryan and Jenn in matching purple. Jenn is also taking advantage of the sun.

Tickles from Papa as he gets James strapped into the carseat.
James loves his Papa!

More to come in Part 2
When the other cousins arrive and family!


Karissa said...

Such a cute post! Can you guys put your pictures on Dropbox so we can have them too? Or email them to me? Because you guys took good ones and we forgot our camera =(