Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Best Way to Visit Santa

We visited Santa at Sears Portrait Studio.
Best idea. Ever.
No lines, you get a time, show up at that time and sit on his lap.
You get pictures too that turn out great.
Our last two years attempts to visit with Santa have fallen flat due to lines over an hour and a half long.
First year we have a picture next to a manequin Santa.
Second year was worse, you didn't even see Santa, had to wait in line to get a number, to then come back at a time indicated by the number to wait again to see Santa, and you had to pay to see him still.
Both lines were over an hour long (so technically the second year had two lines over an hour each, um, yeah right).
I will never try that again.
James was a little scared, but then warmed right up when they were reading a book together.

And I think the pictures turned out great.

P.S. They are really cheap too:)

Check those pictures out, no crying kids.
Did your Santa photos turn out that good?
Hope that the start to your Christmas season is merry


Karissa said...

That IS a really good idea! I'll have to remember this...

Maria said...

Those are super cute! I have to admit though, so of my favorite pictures are of my crying kids on Santa's lap.haha