Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Jack's Stats: 4 Months

Wow, 4 months already? Now I feel like the kiddo's are growing up too fast. I can't believe all the progress Jack has had lately. We had his four month appointment exactly at four months. Poor little thing got shots, but he's doing great now, and they are too keep him healthy so that is fine.
See how he's grown:

Weight: 13.1 lbs (25th %tile)
Length: 24.7 in (50th %tile!)
Head Circ: 16.2 in (25th %tile)
All %tiles were up!

Jack-Jack is also one of the happiest babies you'll ever meet. He is always smiling. He goes down for naps great. He sleeps seven hours at night consistently. He eats great.
I saw a friend from my childhood in Colorado while at church, Emily Ricks, and I loved how she summed it up:
"Heavenly Father gives babies like this to say, "Look, you can do it, you are doing it!"

He doesn't really take a binky, but does prefer his fingers.
He doesn't latch on anymore, but will take a bottle of breastmilk readily.
He can roll from his tummy to his back in an instant, but doesn't really care to do the other way.
He loves bathtime!
He is so wiggly, always moving now.
How did I get to be this blessed?


Hillary said...

Those pictures of Jack are adorable. What a sweet little guy you've got there. So happy for you! :)