Tuesday, November 15, 2011

James Right Now, 28months

There are a few things about James right now that I want to remember. He can be so funny, and so frustrating, but that's being two right? These are some of the funnies to remember when he can talk better, and I'll be wishing for the days that he couldn't communicate as well because it was cute.

~mumersalt= a somersault, he does them pretty well

~lightning McTween= Lightning McQueen, a favorite around here, Disney has got something

~his absolute favorite person in the world is his daddy

~Jack-Jack= it is always Jack-Jack. And he likes to give him kisses, on the lips

He wanted to lay with his brother, on his big bed, with the pillow over their legs

~Matt Bird= this is always a toucan bird. He has a rainforest book, and in it there are mommy birds(light colored parrots), daddy birds (dark colored parrots), Aubey birds (also light colored birds), Quinn birds (smaller parrots), Jack-Jack birds (very small birds), and for some reason, Matt bird is the big toucan that takes up a whole page with its beak.

~football= James wants you on the floor, runs into you, and then you both fall down. That's not all though, then he will dog pile on your head, just to make sure you are down. He'll also run, then fall on the floor, and roll, that is also football.

~he'll spin in circles and fall down, that is helicopter

~thanks to daddy who taught him the "big circle button" will turn on the tv, and the "triangle button" will turn on the movie (vhs or dvd). So when we unplug them and he try's to turn it on, he's not too happy

~nok= that is his favorite drink/food, milk, which he knows now comes from cows. When he says ol' nok, it sounds like whole milk, but really he means its cold milk :)

~when he sees fire, he says it's hot, then blows. If his food is warm, it is on fire, and he blows on it.

~tractor tippin' is funnnnny=again thank you to Cars, he brought the tractors into the kitchen, jumped up and down twice behind them, then tipped them, and made a noise like they burped each time, just like in the movie.
Tractor tippin in the kitchen
He brought all his tractors/vehicles in to tip

~he loves to point out everything! from shapes, to colors, to tractors we see (of course), to now letters because he is learning them.

~he is learning his letters. sometimes M is an upside down W, and the capital E is also an M sometimes, or a W, if he turns the puzzle piece just right...he is right too

~ scriptures= they are now referred to as scripture power, after the primary song.

~when I say, "look at mommy" usually after I do his hair and I want to check it, he looks at me and makes an "0" with his mouth.

~ daddy cows/mommy cows= he has a male cow that is more spotted than the female cow. So now all cows that are more spotted are daddy cows, if they are more black, and the spots are bigger, they are mommy cows.

~he can categorize anything into either daddy, mommy, james, or jack-jack, according to size.

~he likes to talk to his "dramies"(Grammies) on the phone, and will describe everything he sees over the phone.

~sometimes he will take everything off his bed and make a little "nest" on the floor, and he'll sleep there too. If I go in to put him back on the bed, he'll hide in the nest, and he's pretty good at it too.

James in his nest


Kate said...

That was a fun post to read! It's fun to see how similar kids are at his age, yet how unique they can be too. And I'm pretty sure his being wonderful and frustrating all at once is completely normal... if not, then we're both in trouble! :)

Lorie S. said...

What a cutie! I love the tractor tipping, that's awesome!

Nikki said...

That is so cute!

Maggie said...

How wonderful that James does not have to be in daycare on a regular basis and has the time and complete security and support you provide to participate in creative play (that is a child's work). You will never regret staying home because of that, Kendra. This country is sorely lacking in creative minds due to being raised in daycare and our institutional education system!

Maggie said...

...our children, that is!

Devyn Pickett said...

Your boys are so stinkin cute!! Yes I'll be back and would
Love to do your hair before baby comes!! I'll be in ut nov 29-dec7!

Chapples said...

haha I love the tracker tippin!!