Thursday, December 22, 2011

Before Christmas Happenings

December was busy getting ready for Christmas, and of course we had to visit family. First we went to Twin Falls two weeks before Christmas for Nathan's cousin Tyson's wedding to his lovely new bride Kaylee! Welcome to the family (there are a lot of them, and now comes the job of learning everyone's name;) )! The night before was the dinner, which had a great Mexican theme. That night though while we were staying with Jason and Nicole, James came down with croup, and Nathan ended up sleeping in the car with him for most of the night so that the cold air would help him. It worked for James, Nathan though got one of the worst nights sleeps ever.
Daddy of the Year award goes out to him.

Grandma and Jackman at the family dinner for Tyson and Kaylee's wedding in Twin Falls

Grandpa and Grandma Haworth and their seven beautiful daughters
I see them and think of the movie Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, but in reverse.
They are all amazing, and I am very lucky to be a part of their family.
And Grandpa and Grandma are amazing for raising seven daughters!

Tyson and Kaylee, just married on a very windy Twin Falls morning outside the temple.

Then before we went to AZ for Christmas we saw a lot of our family in UT and Franklin. I didn't get a picture with Grandma Hiller though. Those can be though to get, and so are treasures :)

It was cold, but James wanted to go see the we did

James all bundled in the cold

Playing on the floor at the Haworth's

Grandpa and Jack-Jack

James opening his awesome Mater from the Kutterer's.

Kira and Jackman opening his splash bathtime ducky,
which he LOVES by the way

We also took some cute pictures just around home before Christmas.
Mommy and Jack-Jack with our beautiful tree and Dicken's Christmas Village.

Jackman looking especially cute in the sailor suit that used to be his daddy's!

James running with the stick horse

Daddy and Jackman, he is almost five months and looking so big and alert!


Maggie said...
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Maggie said...

I had to laugh when I read that Nathan spent the night out in the car! Next time, just run a hot shower and get the bathroom filled with steam. Sit in there with the door closed for five minutes (you can get clothes on to go outside while doing this) then go outside immediately for about five minutes. You many need to repeat this several times during the night but at least everyone gets to sleep in their own beds.

Nathan said...

Yeah, I think that might have worked. I did just that once, and James seemed better, but then in an hour or so he was back having trouble breathing so I stayed out in the car the second time. Next time, we might take our chances with the 10 min solution :-)

Nathan said...
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