Saturday, October 15, 2011

September Colorado Trip

Yep, I do like to visit home. This last time was to go to one of my good friend from high school's wedding. Andrew Glover married Jessica, a great girl, and everything was beautiful, we were honored to be invited. It was also like a high school reunion because I got to see pretty much the people I would want to see at a high school reunion. After the reception we went to Heather's house for some good old catching up. Heather, Josh Wickard, Andrew, Katie Butler, and I were all good friends in high school. It is neat to see where we all are now, and how we can talk just like old times.

Old friends, with some new ones too!

We of course got to see our family too. Uncle Kyle met his namesake, Jackman Kyle. That was neat. Uncle Kyle has been through so much, and is a wonderful example to my son of someone to live up to. He has beaten ALL (a type of leukemia that ususally strikes kids, but can be worse in adults), and now helps other cancer patients fight on through a program called Reel Recovery where they go fly fishing to help with the recovery and show others that recovery is possible. Aunt Carol got her baby fix with little Jack-Jack too:)

Uncle Kyle with Jackman Kyle

Good friend's of ours from since I was ten years old, Russell and Mina Colman, aka Grandpa and Grandma Colman, had us all over for dinner on Sunday night. They are so fun, and also great examples in my life. He used to be my Bishop in the Englewood Ward. Love them lots.

Grandpa Colman with James playing tractor

Playing with the kids on the patio

Of course there was Grammies and Bompa (my mom and dad), who love to hold and play with the little ones. James liked seeing their puppies, Lonie, Ellie, and Kelsey.
Grandma Kitty let us stay at Lincoln Meadows again, and I'm sure glad that she enjoys us visiting. We love her too. Family and dear friends are some of the most important things to us. On the way home we took a different way, and the leaves were gorgeous.
Fall is here, and I love it!


Joey and Michelle Chandler Family said...

That is such a good picture of you and Nathan and James! I also love the pictures you took of your boys along with their stats! You're lucky you have so much milk. I always end up running out... that is awesome you have so much extra! I hear you can get pretty good money for it. I don't know if you are selling it or donating it, but I think it's great!