Saturday, October 29, 2011

Monkey Mountain

James, Jackman, and I went to Monkey Mountain in Park City with Aubreigh and Quinn, and her sister Amber and her little boy Tucker. Monkey Mountain is a big jungle gym for little kids. Turns out it was a little big to have the boys climb on by themselves, but us parents got in it as well to help them out. There was this slide that was at least a story tall, and it was so fast. And it was a spiral slide. I seriously felt sick, but it was fun. There were also all these animals that were a sort of soft rubber material, and when you sat on them, they made the animal sounds! How cool is that?

James and Jack-Jack with the big rubbery elephant

A happy James going up the spiral staircase into the jungle gym.
Nothing shows you that you are bigger than climbing into that following your two year old!

Afterwards we had a very yummy lunch at Kneaders. Thanks guys, James is asking to do it again soon:) He loves saying Monkey Mountain.