Saturday, October 29, 2011

An Incredible Family

Our family is incredible. But I am referring to the movie, "The Incredibles" for this post. Jack-Jack is the baby in the movie, and since that is our baby's nickname, it was the inspiration to our Halloween costumes this year. I am very, very proud of myself for making these costumes. I don't consider myself very crafty or creative. These costumes though turned out fantastically .

We wore them to the ward Trunk-or-Treat and they were a big hit. We were watching the movie "The Incredibles" before hand to get pumped up. James was running everywhere just like Dash. Jackman was being adorable like Jack-Jack. I was trying to run around getting everything ready just like Elastagirl. And Nathan was a little distracted by his phone, or watching the movie, or playing with the kids, just like Mr. Incredible. I'd say we were pumped and in character. Then we put on the costumes. James' favorite was the mask.

Yes, those costumes were incredible. What is more important is that family is incredible. Do you know the story behind how the powers were choosen for the Incredibles? The mom is flexible, because mom's have to flexible, so they made her very, very flexible. Dad's are supposed to be strong, so they made Mr. Incredible really, really strong. Teenagers want to be left alone, and sometimes feel invisible, that is why the teenager Violet's powers are to turn invisible and put a force field around her to keep everyone out. Little boys are full of energy and run everywhere, so they made Dash the boy very, very fast. Babies are full of potential and can be anything, that is why Jack-Jack the baby has all sorts of powers from turning to lead, to becoming a fireball, to laser beams from his eyes, to going through walls, to becoming that little devil thing, right back to becoming the adorable baby.

The movie also shows that when the family works together and uses their different talents, that they can overcome all forces of evil and do "incredible things".

My family is incredible, and we can do incredible things too.

Bet you'll look at the movie differently now, eh?


Michelle said...

You did a great job on these! I would be proud too! What a fun idea and thanks for the background on the movie- all those things are so true about the roles of persons in family. I have a hard time doing the flexible mom part, does that get easier once you have two? Thanks for sharing, you always do a nice job on your blog! Happy Halloween!!!

danniey said...

I love it! They look so great. Way to go.