Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring Break in AZ

Spring break, wait, what?! At BYU there was never a spring break, but with Nathan going to the UofU this year for his master's, we got one! It has been cold where we live too, and don't forget snowy (although I've heard this is a moderate year, wonder what a heavy snow year will be like...), so we decided to escape the cold and go somewhere warmer. We were thinking tropical, but decided to save some money this year with the new baby coming, so down to Arizona we went. The trip did not disappoint either.

On the way down we stopped overnight in Las Vegas with Karissa and Cory. The drive is too long for one day for James now (and really for us too, we are wimps). It does give the excuse to see these two, which is always fun. On the way down we enjoyed watching BYU make it to the Sweet Sixteen, and then going out to Applebee's in our BYU paraphernalia for dinner.

Cory and James share an apple on Sunday morning

This three generation picture cracks me up. One night I was helping mom in the kitchen get ready for dinner. I hadn't heard James for awhile, which usually means he's into something he shouldn't be in. I went looking for him, and this is what I found.
All three techo guys. Dad is on the computer, Nathan on is iPhone, and James on the iPad.

Then what was even funnier was that I found them again a few days later....
...another classic three generation picture.

Nathan got to go on a bike ride everyday, and almost had a 200 mile week. That is impressive. He loved it. I understand a little bit more why people live there, but the summers...another story

Playing at the park with cousins Kaylee and Ryan

Ryan and James enjoying cheese on the steps

Pushing "carts" in the backyard

Riding the carousel at the mall

James loved it, he rode it three times!

A cousin sandwich, they played so well together, love you guys!!