Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Gramies comes to visit

A week after my dad came for a visit, my mom came, or aka, Gramies. We had lots of fun, but most of the pictures were on her camera, and I still need to get those. We had fun playing in the foot of snow that fell, went out to eat, had the Kutterer's over for dinner with Kirstin, spent a day in Provo where we had Tucano's with Kirst and went to the BYU bookstore.

James and Gramies

Cute cousins Tanner and James

Doing a smirk, Kira and James

Kirstin and Mom

Uncle Nate reads Tanner a story, "Puppy Too Small". Actually that is James' favorite bedtime story, and it was classic that these two were really doing this!