Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Grandpa Haworth's 80th!

Happy 80th Birthday to Grandpa Haworth!
There was a big celebration that weekend in Franklin, ID were so many of the family came from all over to be together and celebrate with Grandpa.
James Robert is named after Grandpa, and boy does James sure love his great-grandpa. This was the night that we arrived for the birthday weekend celebrations, and of course March Madness was on. James climbed right up on Grandpa's lap, and watched BYU with him. I love it!

Last night we were there, Sydney, Taylor, Londyn, and James did a little fashion show. James was an Indian, and learned how to pull the beads off the fringe.

James, Daddy, and Mommy

Us with Grandpa, James just kept giggling at Grandpa and wouldn't look at the camera

The weekend was full of food, family, and lots of memories being made. We spent most of Saturday at the church house because the family is so big when everyone comes, that wPlaying dodgeball at the church

There was a talent show. These are all the Haworth sisters, from L to R: Robyn, Kathy, Sherrie, Tami, Debbie, Heidi, and Terri. Grandpa and Grandma had 7 daughters, and all are amazing women, who in turn have raised amazing families. I am blessed to be a part of it all.

We ate...

...and ate...

...and ate...

...and ate...

...and ate...are you getting an idea of how many people there were? I think there were fifty something there, and that is not the whole family, there were still lots missing who couldn't make it. Talk about a legacy that they've created. And what is more remarkable is they're all friends. None of the this person doesn't get along with this person thing. Pretty incredible if you ask me.

Londyn and James. L is 5, and just ADORES James, and vice versa. They should be brother and sister, too bad we don't live closer to them (they are in AZ).

Haworth sisters, with a few others mixed in

Newest member of the family, Mike and Misty's little Ty. He is only 6 weeks, and the cutest little bug in a rug you've ever seen. And so small! But I'm a sucker for small babies :)

Grandma Hiller came too! This is a rare picture, Grandma HATES getting her picture taken, and loves to hold the babies. She didn't know I was taking her picture, I've never gotten one with her smiling like this. It is a keeper!