Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Thought they were horses

Two weeks ago James and I were coming home from having lunch with Nathan at his office. As I was pulling out, two "horses" were running down the street, with a van right behind them. "Oh no" I thought, "someone's horses have gotten out. Maybe I should try to help catch them." At that moment they turned down another street, and I got a better look. They weren't horses, they were two moose, a mom and calf, running down the street! Holy crap! I called Nathan and told him to get his behind outside pronto and anyone else who wanted to see something really cool. Then I followed the moose, and called my other animal-lover friend in the neighborhood, Connie Maughn, to come fast. They stopped in someone's yard to bed down for awhile, so I stopped my car, put my flashers on, and stayed a while. I even had two people stop and ask if my car was alright, and I just pointed to the moose, and said "I'm fine, just watching them". Haha, they were sure startled. Anyway, Connie came and brought a fantastic camera. I got out of the car, and we both sort of hid behind this large stone mailbox. She handed me the camera and said, "here, try to get closer". "Okay" I said. Then as I was walking towards them I called back, "wait, why am I the one getting closer?" She replied, "because you can run faster". Anyway, the mom wasn't interested in us, so we got to watch and take some great pictures. Now I just want to see a bull this way, with a car near by so I can jump in :)