Thursday, February 3, 2011

So what is life right now?

Life is good, but hard. I want my blog to be more "real" and not everything-is-hunky-dory-every-single-minute-of-my-perfect-life sort of thing. So what is life right now? Nathan is working full time, and when I say full time, I mean 40+ hour weeks. And even once he gets home he has to work some more. But, on the flip side we live in a beautiful home and I have the opportunity to be able to stay at home with my Jamers, so that part is good. Oh yeah, and did I mention Nathan is in school full time as well. At night. So that takes time, and a commute back to Salt Lake three times a week. But he'll have the summer off, and be done with his masters in December. Oh yeah, and he was just called to be the ward clerk in our brand new Silver Lake ward, which takes time getting a new ward organized. But I am proud that they asked him. All of that makes me a single parent most days and nights for the moment. So what do James and I do then with Daddy gone so much?

We take baths. What sort of mom would I be if I didn't have the cute bath picture? And this one is adorable

We go outside. Yes, it is freezing, here as well as the rest of the country this week, but James doesn't care, he wants to go outside! So we bundle up, and then he wants to help shovel snow with the little garden shovel. I love his face in this one.

We get ready for church. This is James ready for nursery! The hair and the sweater vest with tie make this. And he likes nursery, doesn't like being left yet, but it takes him about a minute, then he is off to the toys.

We read books. James was being quiet one night when I was making dinner. Quiet is usually not good, but then I found him by himself, looking at books.

Can you pick me up now?

We play games too, like hide and seek, and making forts. Those are two favorites at the moment. He helps me with chores, and I am grateful for all the time I get with him before the new baby comes. So that is life right now.


Kate said...

Nathan definitely is busy, and it definitely seems like you get to pull the weight as a single mom most days! Way to make the most out of it and enjoy your time with James, though! I have been struggling coming up with things to do with Hannah, but I think part of it is that my belly is so huge and I'm so exhausted because the baby kicks me all night long! It's nice to remember that these are just phases of our lives though, and as long as we are learning from them and making the most of them, then we're good! :) I love your posts about all your friend visits, too... you're right, talking is the fun part and the part that you always remember but can't really explain to anyone else. :)

Life Is What We Make It! said...

I FEEL YOUR PAIN SISTER!!! Josiah was working on average 60+ hour weeks, ward clerk, and school-only 6 hours of class a week, but I wouldn't see him til I was going to bed. Yuck. At least you have someone to keep you company. lol. Our child won't know Josiah until he/she is 1. Lol.

Angela said...

Cute pictures! Although it isn't easy on your own, sometimes I think you have the sweetest moments with your kids when you're the single mom. Keep up the good work!