Thursday, February 3, 2011


We have had friend visits lately. It is so much fun though to visit, and to have kids that can play together (or at least next to each other). My favorite is activity to do with friends (and family too) is talking and getting into discussions about all sorts of things. That really is who you grow closer

First was when Tom and Kristie came for a visit, and Lilah took a step! I witnessed it, and so did James! They will be friends I'm sure of it. Anyway, after the kids went to bed we had a great time discussing gospel topics and other life things. How lucky we are to be so close with some great cousins. We stayed up way too late, but it was fun. The next day the girls got to go running, and then the boys.

Lilah and James. She is so cute to see standing by herself, and so little that it doesn't seem possible.

Next Danniey and Calvin came up to visit. She was my visiting teacher in the BYU 103rd ward, and became a great friend. It worked out that Nathan had school late, and Danniey's husband Tyler went out of town for a job interview. Danniey and I stayed up that night and watched Inception, and then talked about the movie, life, motherhood, and so on. I think we stayed up until 2 am, but it was just like when I was single back in college with roommates.

James and Calvin hugging goodbye. These two are pretty close in age, four months apart I think, and they had a ball together.

Oaklee, James, and Calvin. Oaklee is our neighbor and her mom is my running partner. These three were fun together (all about the same age), but I found out what it would be like to have triplets.

Finally, last week we went to Park City and Heber to go shopping and spend time with Aubreigh and Matt and Quinn. Aubreigh will always hold a special place in my heart as she was thrown into helping me with the birth of James. We've been very good friends ever since. So the shopping was great, she has so serious style, which I am lacking. (Thank you, thank you, thank you by the way, I really love the clothes that I got, and I can't tell you enough!). Then we had Mexican food, and by that time both boys were a little wired and tired. They fell asleep then on the drive back to Heber, but both woke up early, and didn't want to continue their naps. What to do then? Why go sledding of course!
James and Quinn, sun in eyes.

"I got you Quinn, this is so much fun, wish mommy and daddy would get one of these"

And what did we do over dinner and the rest of the night? Talk of course :) We could have talked and talked their heads off, but I could tell Aubreigh was getting tired, so we left, but still pretty late. James fell asleep on the way home thank goodness. They are such a neat couple, and a great example to us. And great friends too.

And look at all the friends that James already has :)