Thursday, October 29, 2009

Some of My Favorite Things...

James is the cutest baby, and though I am biased, I think I'm right :) Here are some of the new things he does that are my favorite:

~He says "ah-goo", and will sometimes do it back when we say it to him
~He smiles so much, all the time
~He smiles and laughs with his whole body
~He is finding his voice
~He is a little ticklish
~He'll hold my fingers when he is eating
~He'll go into a euphoric state when he's sleepy and we put in his binky
~His little snuggles into my neck when I'm holding him
~He loves bath time, and is so cute in the water when we wants to suck on his washcloth
~He sleeps through the night consistently!

I love my sweet little boy:)

Love this outfit of his, probably my new favorite. Love the shirt, shoes, and pants!

Love the smiley, happy baby


Nathan said...

Wow, that is the cutest baby in the world! My favorite is that every morning I get that smiley face to send me off to work.

Jay and Tiff said...

He is so sweet and adorable Kendra. He is really is an adorable baby (not like some of those odd-looking babies out there)! I'm so glad he's sleeping through the night for you! On my next baby, I'll need to find out what you did! :)

Angela said...

What a cute happy baby! What lucky parents you are! :)

Kate Bailey said...

Ah, he is getting so big!!! I love love love the smile in that bottom picture! He was a pretty cute monkey, too. :)