Monday, September 21, 2009

Two Month Stats

James is now TWO months old! Where has the time gone? He does just get cuter and cuter by the day. We had his check up where he got his first shots, and he did surprisingly well! Not like his mommy who was terrified of shots, though I'm not anymore. He cried at first, but not more than two minutes, then he was done.

Here are his stats:
~Weight: 9lbs 11oz, 10th percentile, up from 5% at birth!
~Length: 22inches, 17th percentile, up from 5% at birth!
~Head is in the 7th percentile, also up!

He is just adorable, and is cooing more and more! We love our sweet little one.

Is this not the cutest outfit?

Matt and Aubreigh took us fly fishing, thanks guys, we had a lot of fun!!

Having a fantastic shake in Heber with the Parks

Suits for Sundays

It is becoming fall here, so we took a drive, this is up by Sundance

We took a hike and stopped for lunch

A cute smile, we just love this little one sooo much


Kate Bailey said...

I'm glad he's growing good, even if he's still little! It just matters that he's growing, right!? That little smile is adorable.

Kristi said...

So cute! Those pictures of sundance made me miss Utah. How weird is that?!?! But it's just so pretty there in the fall. Keep up the excellent baby growing. :)

Joey and Michelle Chandler Family said...

Wow fishing at two months!! What fun parents you guys are. I like the suits picture too :). What a cute little guy.