Friday, September 18, 2009

Cute Pictures

We'll we've been busy, so I'll update soon on our adventures, but I thought that I would document the babe's cuteness with pictures from his 7th and 8th weeks of life. He is changing so quickly, and becoming more alert everyday! Enjoy the pics!

Tom and baby James'. We got Yozone (yum yum) then sat outside and visited for a little bit.

Daddy and baby

An attempt to catch that cute gummy smile on camera, I'll keep trying...

Intently watching something at the park, but showing off those big baby blue eyes

Visiting our friend Matt in the hospital after he had his appendix removed! Aubreigh getting some good cuddle time. She's going to be a great mommy!


Kate said...

Aww, he is getting so big, and he's still super cute! It's fun as they start to get more alert and aware of things around them. Good luck catching that smile! It's hard, isn't it? We invested in a new camera when we had Hannah, and I'm so glad we did... except for the fact that then we had to get an extra hard drive to store the pics on because we were getting too many good ones! :) LOL. Glad you're enjoying being a mommy! Maybe Hannah and I can come visit you sometime during the day while Nathan is at work?

Joey and Michelle Chandler Family said...

I love picture #4! What a cute little guy!

Kristi said...

Darling! I can't wait for more. Hopefully I'll get to meet him in person when we're in utah for thanksgiving. :)