Monday, September 28, 2009

Today is a Good Day...

...because James slept from 11:20pm last night to 8am this morning... completely uninterrupted!! And at 2months old!!! He's been sleeping until about 7-7:30, but will wake up at six, and I go into his room and put in his pacifier, and he'll sleep a bit longer, but not today. I attribute it to the book On Becoming Babywise. Our friend Kristi Harris suggested it, and it totally works! I cannot believe that he is sleeping so well, and I am LOVING it! Also thanks to Aubreigh's mom, Heidi, who suggested some things that have helped too. Our key is to give him a little bath each night before his last feeding, and then when we put him down, he stays down and can soothe himself to sleep.

Rested babies make happy babies, a picture from this morning

Sunday's are fun, and now with 8:30am church instead of 2:30pm, we have so much more time! I love the cute outfits we have for church, and they are mix and match, so it makes even more outfits :) After church we packed some sandwiches and took a drive to see the fall foliage.

Looking cute for church

James and his leaf, he held that for a long time

James is also so much more interactive lately. He is smiley and oh so fun and cute. He smiles every morning when he wakes up, and when his Daddy says goodbye for work, and when we just love him :)


Kate said...

Yay for good sleeping! BabyWise worked so great for us too, and it's good that you guys are getting him to soothe himself to sleep already! Hopefully he will continue to be a great sleeper for you guys! Mornings really are the best when he's wide awake and happy, huh? Super cute pics!

Jax said...

I am a BabyWise Mom too! I love the whole series of books and the parenting philosophy it supports!

Here is a blog that I found helpful while implementing BabyWise with my baby Blake:

This lady is a pro. She answers all the questions that may come up and has done BabyWise with her 3 children! She has worked hand-in-hand with the authors of BabyWise and their group

She also uses parenting philosophies from Baby Whisperer and a few other books. She just started another blog:

You won't need this until a few months, but it is fun to see the creative activities these ladies come up with to do with their young children.

Michelle said...

so fun! I am glad you're enjoying being mom and dad and i am glad he is sleeping better too!

Esther said...

Isn't getting sleep at night wonderful?!? James is so DANG CUTE!
seriously, those are some cute pictures!

Kristi said...

I'm glad things are working so well for you! James is just darling!!! I love his little church outfit, but I think my favorite picture has to be the one with the leaf. He just looks thrilled to have it. :) Oh, and your friend Jax is right. Those blogs are awesome! I totally follow both of them for great advice. Enjoy that sweet little baby!!!

danniey said...

Yay for Babywise! I love it! It really works and helps me to feel like there is some structure in our lives! I know Calvin really loves it to; I think he's happy because it helps to give him a schedule to rely on.

Woohoo! James is so cute, by the way