Monday, January 11, 2016

Thanksgiving in Colorado...

Thanksgiving we headed to Colorado to spend it with Grandma Kitty, Grammies, and Boompa.
Right before we left though James lost his second tooth!

Stopping at a McD's in Evanston, with a neat play place
Nathan had to work the day that we left, and so we didn't leave until 5pm from our house.  We booked a hotel at the Little America in Cheyenne that night, and got there about midnight.  Tired, but not too much that it was dangerous.  And we got a good nights rest too.

At Colorado the first day we made a gingerbread train!

And it snowed of course 

Eating mini muffins on grandma Kitty's floor

My mama and I on Thanksgiving

The snowflakes were perfect! I probably could have found the one from the movie Frozen if I had looked hard enough. 

...straight faced.

Aahh, he's so cute!

Jack and my Papa, his great-grandpa Bill, wearing the same hat!

Trying to get a good family picture!

Silly faces shot

Fort making at grandma's house.  This is a favorite activity most places they go to.

Thanksgiving day meal at Lincoln Meadows

Happy Thanksgiving from the Nate-o and Ken Manwaring Fam

Great-grandma Kitty and her great-grandsons Jonathan and James

The day after Thanksgiving we went to downtown Littleton to see Santa light all the lights on the trees.  Holy cow was it cold. Even going into a store did not really help.  Going to the Littleton Lighting was a tradition growing up.  Glad I could share the coldness boys :)

I hung this collage on the wall for Grams

Two highlights were singing with Grandma's choir at the choir practice.  Nathan ended up taking over the piano, and I ended up leading.  It was so much fun, I hope the residents had as much fun as we did.  The second was singing Christmas carols around the piano in the foyer, and so many residents stopped to listen or even join it.  That got me chocked up, especially on "O Holy Night".  Thank you Grandma Kitty for letting us stay with you, and for Lincoln Meadows too.

On the way home, at the neat rest stop in Cheyenne