Monday, January 11, 2016

November Happenings...

November happenings! In pictures of course because that is always more fun :)

A very fun fieldtrip to the Morgan Fire Station!
We got to take Ty with us.

The whole group, moms and kids not in school on a Friday morning :)

Jack trying on a real firefighter helmet

James and Jack drew pictures, sent dental hygeine kits, and all their Halloween candy to the 
Operation Gratitude program where they sent these things for soldiers who are on active duty.
I am so proud of these boys for not only being okay, but wanting to do this!

I took James horseback riding...and he did it all by himself in an open field.
I had the rope on Chex, and he told me "Mommy, take the rope off, I can do this".
Pull on my heartstrings!

My parents came out to see Kirstin show Cali in her first dog show, and so they stayed with us.

On Saturday Kirst wanted James to show in the Juniors class.
He said okay, and I wanted to see how he liked it.
Not to bad for never, ever doing something like this before.
It brought back memories, and memories of how long dog shows can be too:)

Kirstin, Taylor, and Cali

Took them after church to ride chex, have to before the snow comes!

My dad up on Chex

Playing lincoln logs, and Jack was showing off his one armed push-ups

All the boys looking at toy catalogs, and finding neat things they'd like for Christmas

These cuties at a dinner at Papa and Grandma's,
notice the lego creation to Jack's right :)

These three playing out in the first snow of the season
Apparently they all have red coats!
Snow=lots of prep time for a few minutes of fun

The Irish dance school that I attend(Legacy Irish Dance)
 put on the production "Annie", but in Irish dance.
I really, really, really don't like the show or music from Annie, but I did have fun learning new dances and being a part of the class. 
Hard shoe dance in the song "Let's Go To The Movies"

 Maids in Annie.  These lovely ladies are lots of fun to dance with

Christy, the friend and teacher who started this whole thing when she invited me to I'm hooked :)

 All three on the way to Thanksgiving
Jack has taken a liking to wearing hats, and his current favorite is my grandpa Bill Aderman's WWII sailor hat.  Why not right?  So I let him wear it.