Sunday, July 19, 2015

St. Martin

St. Martin, the last island, and my most highly anticipated outing.  We were going horseback riding with a guide from the Bayside Riding Club on the French side of St. Martin. 

Aubreigh had found them, and had been in contact that we wanted to go on a ride, swim with the horses, but didn't want it to be just in a line-go slow sort of tour.  They said we could go as fast as our slowest person and everyone needed to be experienced.  No problem from me. Nathan said he'd be okay.  So we were off.  I had the horse Beauty and Nathan had Joker, whom he nicknamed Jokey and really liked him.

This was not your run of the mill horseback tour.  It was only the four of us and our guide.  His name was Reme, and even though he didn't own the horses, you could tell that he was the one they trusted.  He knew the specific order they needed to be in, as they do have a pecking order.  We got to gallop through the trails to the beach.  And then, at the beach, it was like on the movie Seabiscut.  It felt like a race, I have never gone so fast on a horse in my life!  And been in control.  Holy macaroons, I loved it!  Then we got to a spot, got down to our swimsuits, and took off the saddles. Then we SWAM with the horses.  Reme took us out two at a time, bareback, and the horses followed him and his throughbred Aztec, and then walked out on the reef.  When we were far out, we'd turn towards shore, and the the horses would JUMP off the reef and swim back while we were parallel to their backs swimming as well.

Walking out on the reef

Swimming back...there are people on those horses :)

After we got out of the water.

The ride was amazing, I highly recommend the Bayside Riding Club.  After returning to the club, it was time to go, and we decided to walk just the little ways to Orient Bay. The water was very clear, and we were all getting a little hungry so we stopped at a place on the beach, and had lunch beachside :)  I had two strawberry daiquiri's, jalapeno popper things, and mango ice cream. 

Nathan then wanted to find a hut where we could get a massage, Matt decided to snorkel, and Aubreigh was enjoying the sun and a book.  We walked and did find a place.  Nathan called it the best massage of his life, with the sound of the ocean right there.  

We had dinner that night, and went to a show, which didn't turn out to be that great so we left. It was the last night, and so we had to pack up and get off in Puerto Rico the next day.  
This was from our second formal night. 
The necklace was a gift for our anniversary, and what was awesome is that it is a replica of one of the Duchess of Cambridge's necklaces, and I love all stuff royal!  It's a new favorite.
After dinner we went to the mostly abandoned arcade, where we played some games all dressed up.  Nathan loved this picture of me playing Aliens in my dress and hair.