Friday, July 17, 2015

St. Lucia

Second island stop was on St. Lucia.  After debarking the ship we found Solomon for Solomon's Water Taxi Tour.  Which was really just a super speed boat.  This was also our anniversary, and Aubreigh's birthday!  The first stop on the tour was to a beach, past the Pitons (two mountainous volcanic plugs) 

There we got to pick out our chairs on the beach, and then take a bus to the volcanic mud baths.

 After the baths my skin was so soft!  It was nice, and after the cave adventure I don't mind getting muddy anymore. There were some warm waterfalls also through a jungle trail...

 And a natural hot tub too.  
That was my favorite, we found it last, so didn't get a lot of time in it.  There was another tube with water coming out to rinse off, and it emptied into this pool.  Seriously could have spent an hour there, but I just love hot tubs:)

 Back at the beach before lunch I went in and did some snorkeling.  When the water gets cold, because it is deep, is when I start getting a little freaked out, but this was great.

 Parrot fish
 This cool squid looking thing

 Happy 9 year anniversary, it's been 9 years since we were we :)

We had a really tasty home cooked meal by Solomon's sister, and they even made Aubreigh a cake for her birthday (which was very tasty!).  I bought a fresh, ripe, mango from Solomon's cousin.  It was DELICIOUS!  American's eat mangoes completely wrong, when they are still not ripe.  Nathan found that out by living in Australia.  Anyway, I loved it and will never be able to enjoy a mango at home again :( 

After lunch we started a tour around part of the island is the incredibly fast speed boat.
We went to a black sands beach, and people started snorkeling.  However, my snorkel mask was leaking, so I just decided to walk along the beach.  Swimming back to shore I swam through sea ants! They are larve of jellyfish, invisible, and feels like lots of little stinging.
This rock formation is in the Pirates of the Caribbean movie...I don't remember the scene but it was there.  We took a little ride into Marigold Bay.  Very nice, also were Doc Doolittle was filmed, so that is neat too. 

Happy Birthday Aubreigh!

That night to eat we dressed nicely, however if we had been in the time of Kate&Leopold we could have worn these...
Sometimes I wish that we still dressed like that:)