Friday, June 5, 2015

Grammies and Boompa visit!

Grammies and Boompa got to come out for a visit in April!  Grammies was here for Nathan's East Canyon Race, and Boompa came in a few days later.  He almost didn't make it, weather was so bad through Wyoming, that on the way here, after him, was an accident that closed I-80 for 2 days!  That is huge!  But he made it and we got to play for a little bit. 

 Kirstin came up too and spent the night so we could all be together.  
I love my family.  We might be a little crazy, sometimes weird, but they will always be there for me.

Boompa also gives us cocoons each year and we get to watch them hatch.  Well, we've had this one for months, and THE DAY Boompa gets here, it hatches!  A beautiful male cecropia, he stayed on my flowers for the night, then took off the next day, a very strong flier.  What timing!

James and the moth that just hatched, he was a very deep red.

This is one of my favorite pictures ever!  I didn't even realize Jack's face until I was going through my pictures.  Priceless.

Yeah, the moth is here!

Here's a good ending story. On their way home, we assured them that the accident on I-80 was pretty rare, we've never traveled it and had problems.  And it's the easiest to get to Denver from our house.  So away they start, all looks okay...and then there was an accident, about 20 miles from where there is a turn off to get to Laramie and then they could have gotten home.  But they couldn't get there.  The highway was closed again, for hours.  They waited and waited.  After turning back and getting to the last town, everyone was trying to figure out how to get to Denver.  Some suggested going up to Casper and then taking I-25 south.  That was 250+ more miles to their trip!  Or spend the night was maybe the other option (in a town that has one gas station and no hotels, or they could go back farther...).  Anyway, they also do not have a smart phone so no access to GoogleMaps.  So they call me, and I find a way through the mountains south to I-70.  But they were literally taking dirt roads and country roads.  I was afraid of sending them on their way, but they were adamant about going.  Well they ended up having two other vehicles follow them to I-70 also.  Then I was hoping I was reading maps correctly or I would be sending three families on a wild goose chase.  Needless to say, it took them almost 15 hours to get home, and the I-80 way can take 8-9 hours with short stops, 10 with long stops (with kids).  They announced they will never be taking that way again unless it's the middle of summer.  Sorry guys! 


Jennifer said...

Those moths are super neat looking, and they're huge! That would be fun to watch them hatch :)