Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Echo/East Canyon Road Race

 In April Nathan raced in the Echo-East Canyon Road Race (and it's got some crazy climbing in this race).  This is one where he wanted to do well in.  It is his home turf really.  A ride to East Canyon happens weekly for him in the summer, and he knows the course, so he knows when to attack or when to hold off.  Well, his hard work did pay off, and in a field of 70+ riders over 60 miles, he took 3rd place in his category!

Waiting at the finish

 Headed up the hill

James waiting too

 He's coming!

Almost there, the finish was at the top of a hill

 Jonathan and Mommy waiting to see him come

 He's there!

 Made it!
My mom was visiting, and Nathan's mom and dad came too.
And to top it all off, Nathan got third place!!!
Jack wore his shooter shirt, (it's a tie die shirt he made 
and it looks just like the pattern in his dad's riding shoes, so cute)


Jennifer said...

So awesome that Nathan got 3rd! Way to go!